Aug 26th Work Session

August 26, 2019 Council Work Session
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:34 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts (excused absence), Marie Govannicci, Ken Torres-Zickler, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Lindsay Reed, our affable Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Barbarann Keffer, Solicitor Christine Reuther (7:38).

Public Comment: Kim Tallman of 118 Swarthmore Avenue, talked about the two- dog attack on her dog last week. There was a long discussion of the leash law and amending the dog ordinance and other potential ways of addressing this issue. Chief Stufflet said this was the first report of a dog attack from the 2 dogs at that address in Rutledge and encourage people to report any dog attacks promptly to create a paper trail. Christina Nestor, 104 Swarthmore Avenue, described an attack by the same two dogs. CR advised that Council first look at the current state statute before amending an ordinance; she also encouraged Council that public awareness of the leash law should be the first option.

Mayor’s Report: KC read the police report and thanked Chief Stufflet for his daily reports.

Police: Chief Stufflet discussed the department’s purchase and use of ENRAD (electronic non-radar device) for speeding drivers; he asked Council if there were any particular areas they thought could be covered.

There was a discussion on the status of the state legislature’s radar bill.

Minutes: motion to pass August 12 minutes: SN/LR, motion passed unanimously.

Communications: KTZ asked for newsletter content to be submitted by the next council meeting, September 9. The next committee meeting is September 12.

Parks: HS stated that the paperwork for the DCNR grant will be submitted soon. Clean-up of the softball infield has begun. HS requested that CR reach out to the STC to recommend an arborist to look at a couple of the trees with dead limbs in Triangle Park.

Activities: LR announced that the Borough-wide Yard Sale is Saturday, September 7. Jen Mickle (JM) mentioned that Mayor App of Morton would like Morton to participate as well. There was some discussion on how to promote the event.

Two October events are: October 12, outdoor movie night, “Ghostbusters” will be playing and there will be hot cider and popcorn; October 26 will be the 2nd Annual Oktoberfest, from 6-10:30 pm.

Public Safety: LR and Jen Mickle are now both part of the MRFC; JM announced that Oliver Plumbing gave $500 donation to the fire company.

Finance: Motion to approve the bills list (HS/LR); motion approved unanimously.
There was a discussion of the APPI proposed agreement and the early termination process; there was no vote to accept the agreement.

Streets: The pothole project will hopefully be expanded to fill more potholes because the bid came in low. We are waiting on two more pothole projects to be bid.

Planning & Ordinances: JR started a short discussion on the Shade Tree Commission Ordinance and the Tree Ordinance. “Discussion drafts” of the ordinances were suggested to focus the discussion and move forward.

Sewer: Phase III is just about completed.

Building: There was a discussion of weekday bookings of the hall and the new flooring options.

Planning: The commission pushed back providing feedback on the conditional use ordinance for another month. The hearing on the ordinance will still take place on September 9 at the business meeting.
There was a recap of the Resiliency Workshop.

Old Business: The Fair Districts Resolution resolution was discussed and will be voted on at the September business meeting.

New Business: The MRFC Horseshoe Tournament is set for September 28 at Triangle Park.

Motion to adjourn, 9:44. (HS/SN)

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