August 17, 2020 Work Council


August 17, 2020 Council Work Session 

212 Unity Terrace

Rutledge, PA 19070


The remote meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:32 pm. 


Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marlaina Kloepfer, Samantha Newell( excused), Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther, Administrator Jen Mickle. Guest Chief Stufflet and Rachel Sten- STC


Public Comment: None 


Tax Collector


Mayor’s Report: Parking tickets will resume now that the courts are opening back up.  The mayor will work with the communications committee to announce the phased resumption on the terraces, avenues, and other parking restricted areas. 


Police report:  Chief reported that they used the ENRAD on S. Morton Ave. to check speed on 50 cars.  They issued 1 traffic ticket and 1 warning. They will continue checking different spots in the borough. If you have an area that you would like monitored, please let council know and they will forward that to the police department.


Minutes: Motion to pass the August 3, 2020  council meeting minutes  (HS/LR); passed unanimously. 


Public Safety: MRFC Report July 2020 report



  • Approval of the bills list from June 17 – July 6, 2020, HS/CG, motion passed unanimously.   
  • Tax Software: Tom Heron, the tax collector, and Lisa Seal, are reviewing two tax software programs and comparing them. A decision should be made in September for which one to use for 2021. They are also reviewing the procedures for tax collection and what portion of the operations will be brought into the office.
  • JM to check to see if there are any recurring bills still going on the TD credit card. The goal is to close out the card in the next couple months.



  • The borough has received $30k from the DCNR grant and will cover the majority of the phase 1 work at the park.
  • Payment to G&B request in the amt of $21,322 for the sidewalk, concrete and asphalt work at the park related to the ADA ramp and parking space. This is part of the Phase 1 Grant for the park. Catania recommends approving the payment. HS/CG motion passed unanimously.
  • Fence work to start on or around 8.18.2020. This is also part of the Phase 1 grant work.
  • The borough requested help in addressing softball field maintenance. It encourages residents to help weed the infield. After the rain, it is fairly easy to remove the weeds; however, it is a big task that needs extra help given our reduced staffing.


Streets: Repaving Update:  Waverly Terrace has been repaved. One sidewalk was damaged and will be fixed. 




Building: Hall rentals: next rental 9.19. Billy will touch-up downstairs paint on a rainy day.   



  • Delcora Act 537

The Planning Commission submitted their review of the Act 537 plan provided by DELCORA. In summation, the Planning Commission noted the many technical and financial questions unanswered by the document and the information supplied. In its own findings, it suggested that it was unclear how the proposed plan would positively impact borough residents and recommended seeking advice and information from the Borough Solicitor. [Notes provided in Appendix to Minutes]


CR- noted the ongoing legal case involving the sale and transfer of assets from DELCORA to Aqua and suggested the Borough Council seek additional information and seek to understand the implications of the sale and the outcome of the pending legal case on the borough more specifically.


  • The PC  plans to complete the Comprehensive Plan by the end of the year. A draft should be available for review in the coming months.
  • JM & Danielle Koener are working on the Emergency Operations Plan as part of the development of a resiliency plan for the borough. The Commission will be doing outreach and data collection this Fall ahead of a grant planning cycle in 2021.. 



  • The Annual Rutledge Yard sale is officially cancelled.  Council encourages residents to not  have yard sales this fall. The Borough is looking to find an alternate date for the spring. 
  • Movie Night: There are some concerns about controlling social distancing but they are going to try and have a movie night in September. Date and time to be confirmed.



  • Website Updates: Ordinances are out of date on the website. The Ordinances have not been codified since 2001.  The plan is to move the more recent ordinances to the top of the Ordinance Section, will leave place holders for missing ordinances for the missing ordinances. The PDFs of the 2001 ordinances  to be changed to text documents so that they will be searchable. The goal is to cross out outdated ordinances in the 2001 files and reference the updated ordinance.


Public Comment


Old/New Business

  • STC Spotted Lantern Fly 

-Ther STC has updated their section of the website to provide updated SLF information. They link to the Penn State Extension website, which has very thorough information and the latest information.

-STC is creating a door hanger to distribute to residents.

-STC will check trees and plants on borough property for infestation


  • 134 East Sylvan: There was an Oil Spill in the basement a couple of months ago. The borough was just recently notified as was the PADEP. Catania Engineering is monitoring closely and has sent them a letter to get it cleaned up or face fines.


Motion to  adjourned at 855 HS/JR  unanimous


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