August 3, 2020 Council Meeting Minutes




August 3, 2020 Work Session Meeting 

212 Unity Terrace

Rutledge, PA 19070


The remote meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:37 pm. 


Roll Call Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marlaina Kloepfer  (excused absence), Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther, Administrator Jen Mickle, Tom Heron


Public Comment


Mayor’s Report

  • COVID-19:  
    •  Hall Rentals – We have had 3 rentals. These were under the state guidelines of 25 people and monitored.  The renters were given written guidelines that they signed ahead of time which included that the event would be shut down if guidelines were not followed.   It was recommended that Renters should maintain a list of attendees in case someone tests positive.  park policies, events
    • Meeting with Health inspector Dr David Teachey last week, Has some concerns about rentals and gatherings. He does not favor hosting indoor events at this time. If they are Dr Teachey says that the groups should remain masked when inside if not eating or drinking.
    • Borough Priorities:  
      • Insure health and safety of our community
      • Work to make sure our kids can access school 
      • Enact policies that prioritize health and safety so local businesses can remain open.
  • KC will speak to the police about starting with  parking tickets again. Parking permit application will be put on the website. Passes are available for pickup at the Borough office and are free.


Minutes: Approval of the minutes from the  July 20, 2020 council meeting with KC addition to mayoral report HS/LR unanimous approval


Trash & Recycling: No grills with ignitors can be put in the trash.  There continues to be issues with items contaminating the recycling. Of particular concern is styrofoam, plastic bags and dirty containers including pizza boxes. If you aren’t sure if something is recyclable, put it in the trash. The next newsletter should include an update on recycling.


Communications: Website Updates: ordinances; committee assignments.

KTZ is looking into updating the website particularly the outdated ordinances. CR suggested looking for a student to help. It would also be useful to find a student(s) to help go through the old boxes.


Parks & Property: Swarthmore Recreation Association (SRA) has approached the Borough about using the softball outfield for soccer practice for some of their Travel Soccer teams. Council is in favor and this is a good benefit for kids. DT is in favor of outside supervised activities as long as they are monitored and safety precautions are taken. Need to check in with the Girl’s Club and what is happening with Fall Ball. 

  • Triangle Park playground to open on Friday but basketball nets to remain off. Signs will be posted about masks and distancing. Will close again when fence work begins in a couple of weeks.


Need to determine the enforcement of non compliant users of the park. KC to follow up with the Chief on how to handle.


Activities: Oktoberfest officially canceled. Previously paid deposit to the food truck will be held for a 2021 spot. Yard sale: Potentially this creates a lot of issues that are out of our control.  Will discuss more at next meeting



  • Tom Heron, Tax Collector: Tax collection amounts thru 7/31/2020: $467538.88  23 bills still remain unpaid  $5144.66 outstanding
  • Bills list HS/SN unanimous approval
  • New Bank Account for Park Master Plan account (Resolution) 2020-08  HS/JR unanimous approval
  • TruMark will be providing a scanner for deposits for free.
  • Hall Rental Budget Question: Someone online asked what the percentage of the borough budget is the hall rental and what the shortfall is for 2020.  Hall rental is approx. 20% of annual budget.  With staffing and other changes we are now around the 1-3% shortfall on budget instead of 8%. We also have a reserve but area trying not to use it.


Streets:  Repaving is scheduled for this week on Waverly Terrace.


Building:  Magisterial District Courts are still closed for Code Enforcement cases.  The Borough is still writing citations. 


Old Business/New Business:

  • STC Spotted Lantern Fly: The shade tree commission will come up with a plan on how to address infested trees and community outreach.


Adjournment  8:59pm HS/SN unanimous approval


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