The Rutledge Borough offers single stream recycling with curbside pick-up every Wednesday morning. The following is a list of the kinds of items that are recyclable. All recyclables should be rinsed clean.  It is not necessary to remove labels, however all lids must be removed.


We are recycling plastics #1 & #2 only, lids removed. This includes narrow neck soda & beverage bottles, cooking oil & salad dressing bottles, peanut butter & other food jars, mouthwash bottles, clear produce containers labeled #1 or #2, liquid detergent bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, juice containers. Plastic #1 is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) and Plastic #2 is High Density Polyethylene. (HDPE)

Exclusions: Plastic labeled #3-7,  tetra packs, microwave trays, motor oil or cooking oil bottles, pesticide, herbicide, solvent, paint or adhesive containers, styrofoam or microwave containers, medical containers, caps or lids, plastic bags, antifreeze bottles, toys, sporting goods.

Note: Plastics #3-7 are currently being collected in drop off containers (right side of the depot) at: Waste Management Corporation 408 South Oak Avenue, Primos, PA 19018


Green, brown, blue & clear food & beverage containers, lids removed.

Exclusions: lids & caps, light bulbs, mirrors, drinking glasses, crystal, plate glass, ceramic, clay, ovenware, opaque glass, lab glass, window or windshield glass.


Aluminum (soda, beer & pet food cans) and  Bi-Metal/Ferrous, Tin, steel, and ribbed cans (anything that a magnet sticks to, like soup, vegetable, & juicy juice cans, empty aerosol cans).

Exclusions: scrap metal, hangers, toys, sporting goods, garden & household tools, wire fencing, paint cans, pots & pans, car parts, nails, screws, metal rods, small appliances.


Office paper, newspapers and Sunday inserts, magazines, catalogs, cardboard, broken down boxes (including clean pizza boxes), phone books, envelopes, cardboard egg cartons, cardboard vegetable trays , soft cover books, paper rolls.

Exclusions: wax coated papers, facial tissue, bathroom waste paper, food contaminated napkins & paper towels, photographs, shiny label backing papers.

Note: Please place your paper products on the curb separately form your other recyclables. You may use a separate container or bundle cardboard with twine and package your paper collection in brown paper bags.