Council Meeting June 10, 2019

June 10, 2019 Council Meeting
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:30 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts (excused absence (EA), Marie Govannicci 7:35pm, Samantha Newell(EA), Christine Gradel , Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed(EA), Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Jen Mickle, Solicitor Christine Reuther.

Public Comment: Chambers Memorial Church will be having DA Kat Copeland on June 16th for a talk on Senior Safety from 11:15am-12:15pm .

Curb My Clutter representative Bob Anderson, presented his company’s business. They offer curbside recycling including textiles (clothes and bedding), computers, and some electronics. The Borough would contract with CMC for a one year contract Residents would notify CMC via computer or phone and request a pickup. There is no cost to the Borough. It would allow for more items to be recycled. Council to review.

Minutes: motion to pass May 20th, 2019 works session minutes: (CG/KTZ) motion passed unanimously.

Public Safety:

Finance: motion to pass the bills list, after some discussion of a few items: (JR/MG), motion passed unanimously.

Tax Collector: TH was not present but he dropped off the report. It will be added to the meeting minute binder.

Sewer: The sewer relining is continuing. There was a manhole on Morton Ave that was stuck and extra equipment was brought in to free it. This is the first added cost to the sewer project, but the project remains under our original budget. A separate contractor is coming out in 2-3weeks to complete the relining of the manholes. Then the project should be complete.
Discussion regarding a letter from the CDCA notifying us that our sewer percentage is increasing from .8% to 1.4%. This is based on our average flow over the past 5 years. Unfortunately our lower flows from the relining, are not largely reflected in the 5 year average. HS has requested that our representative request that the 5 year period be shifted forward by 1 year.

Building: There was a long discussion on the Borough Hall rentals. See full list in attachment. The Borough has been trying different methods to control the noise and disturbance to neighbors with the additional rentals. However, based on neighbors concerns, the rentals will be limited including: only 3 rentals a weekend (for now), earlier end times of 10 pm F & Sa and 7 pm on Su. This year continues to be a trial and Council will continue to make adjustments as needed. Rentals are the borough’s only source of income (MG/KTZ), motion passed unanimously.

Mayor’s Report: KC reported that there was a robbery on 200 block of President Ave and the suspect was caught.

Old Business: CR had sent everyone a handout on the path for moving forward with adding a Conditional Use in the Borough Code in reference to Chambers Church and proposed daycare facility.
The next steps are to send it to the Rutledge Planning Commission and Delaware County Planning Commission. It will also need to be advertised and a public meeting will need to be held. It was recommended that the Borough request input from Swarthmore PD about increase in traffic flow.

Motion to submit the draft ordinance to the Rutledge Planning Commission and Delaware County Planning Commission (JR/MG), motion passed unanimously.

New Computer: A new computer is needed for the office. A proposal for $600, including moving all of the files off the old computer and installing the needed software and connections, and keeping the old monitor (MG/KTZ), motion passed unanimously.

Discussion on getting rid of old documents
JM discussed that BA and JM are purging old documents using the guideline from a webinar BA took which we keep on JM’s desk. Most files are 7 years with some exceptions that are permanent.
The Borough has a backlog of old files. Everytime we want to get rid of records we must adopt a resolution stating approximately how many records we are removing and the type.

Meeting end 9:17pm (HS/MG), motion passed unanimously.


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