Council meeting minutes Jan 2, 2018

January 2, 2018 Meeting
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7pm.

SWEARING IN CEREMONY – Conducted by Mayor Cunningham who was sworn in earlier in the week by Judge Gregory Mallon.

Christine Gradel was worn as a Councilperson in using the Constitution of the United States.
Samantha Newell was sworn in as a Councilperson using the Bible.
Lindsay Reed was sworn in as a Councilperson using the Constitution of the United States.
Jody Roberts was sworn in as a Councilperson using the Bible.
Heidi Sentivan was sworn in as a Councilperson using the Constitution of the United States.
Ken Torres-Zickler was sworn in as a Councilperson using the Constitution of the United States.

Tom Heron was sworn in as Tax Collector using the Bible.
Jean Lenke – was sworn in as Judge of Elections using the Bible.

Present: Councilwoman Heidi Sentivan, Councilman Roberts, Councilwoman Gradel, Councilwoman Newell, Councilman Torres-Zickler, Councilwoman Reed, Mayor Cunningham and Councilwoman Govannicci.
Absent: None
Motion to name Councilwoman Heidi Sentivan as Council President JR/CG AIF
Public Comment –

Rachael Sten – 218 E. Sylvan Avenue wanted to offer thanks to all EMS services for their response to a gas leak call at her home.

End of Public Comment

Motion to name Councilman Jody Roberts as Council Vice-President HS/KTZ AIF

Motion to name Councilman Ken Torres-Zickler as President Pro-Tem HS/JR AIF

Motion to name Christine Reuther, Esq. as solicitor for the Borough of Rutledge pursuant to the terms of her proposal submitted to the Borough HS/CG AIF

Motion to approve the Committees Responsibilities as listed on the Agenda: MG/KTZ

o Parks and Recreation: Ms. Govannicci & Ms. Reed
o Public Safety: Ms. Reed & Mr. Torres- Zickler
o Highway: Ms. Newell & Ms. Sentivan
o Sanitation: Mr. Torres-Zickler & Ms. Reed
o Finance: Mr. Roberts & Ms. Gradel
o Building: Ms. Sentivan & Ms. Govannicci
o Sewers: Ms. Sentivan & Ms. Newell
o Ordinances (& Planning Commission): Mr. Roberts & Ms. Newell
o Activities: Ms. Govannicci & Ms. Reed
o Communications: Mr. Torres-Zickler & Ms. Gradel
o Personnel: Ms. Gradel & Ms. Govannicci

All In Favor

Council President Sentivan announced that council was looking for members for the Zoning Hearing Board (1) and the Planning Board (3). Resumes can be sent to Borough Hall.

Activities and Communications Committees also need help as well as a new Environmental Subcommittee (stream, water issues)


It was reported that we are still waiting on the General Sewer report. A discussion of work times and phases took place.

The Mayor thanked the Activities Committee for the luminaries.


Councilman Roberts discussed the Shade Tree ordinance and Chapter 25 changes. He thanked those who worked on the materials and mentioned that the new solicitor will review the documents again.

Motion to Approve Resolution Authorizing Bank Signatories for 2018: HS/SN AIF
Motion to Approve Resolution Authorizing Salaries & Benefits for 2018: HS/JR AIF
Motion to Approve the Small Waters Application for Continued Funding for the Sewer Project begun in 2017 HS/KTZ AIF


Robert Hunt 209 Linden – Wants attention to the condition of Triangle Park. He stated the trash cans hadn’t been emptied in 6 weeks and is a safety hazard.

Lee Awbrey, 206 Linden — Thanked Council for their efforts and the Shade Tree Commission. They made her feel welcome in the community.

Mayor Cunningham read the Police Report which included incidents of vandalism and traffic citations.

Tom Heron read the Tax Collector’s Report. The year ended with 5 outstanding tax bills and 6 outstanding sewer bills. Collections – $408,759.38

Councilman Torres-Zickler stated there will be updates to the calendar and noted that the meeting is on Facebook live. His committee needs help as well.

Resident Roxanne Ward stated she teaches yoga free in the community room and asked if she could continue. Everyone agreed.

Motion to adjourn at 7:30: HS/JR AIF

Respectfully Submitted,

DawnMarie Bascelli
Borough Secretary

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