February 15 Work Session Minutes


February 15 , 2021

7:30 PM Work Session


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call   Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marlaina Kloepfer, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther, Administrator Jen Mickle.   


Public Comment


Tax Collector: 


Mayor’s Report

  • Chief’s Report


Minutes: approval of the minutes of February 1, 2021 Council Meeting




Parks & Property: 

  • Master Plan Update; approval of contract
  • Softball Covid response letter


Activities:  Activities meeting rescheduled for Feb. 24th, due to scheduling conflict with first Triangle Park Master Plan public meeting. 


Public Safety: Fire Company Report January 2021, 2020 Year End Report & 2020 Monthly Report



  • Bills list  1.20.2021-2.14.2021 memorialize
  • Bills list  2.15.2021 



Sewers: Act 537: Review with possible adoption in March.



  • Catania January Report    



  • Update on Safe Routes to Transit work
  • Borough Hall Solar Considerations


Personnel: Executive Session for personnel update


Public Comment:


Old Business/New Business: Vote to appoint Cathy Myers to the Auditors seat for 2021. Running in this year’s election for a 4 year term, to complete this 6 year term.


Executive Session:  Personnel  




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