February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019 Council Work Session
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:34 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marie Govannicci, Ken Torres-Zickler, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Lindsay Reed, , Administrator Barbarann Keffer, Solicitor Christine Reuther (7:38); absent: Mayor Kevin Cunningham.

Public Comment: Nanci Walls and Lynda Nguyen from TruMark Financial gave a presentation on their municipal banking program, distributed information to Council members and answered questions from Council.

Minutes: motion to pass February 11 minutes: SN/LR, motion passed unanimously.

Trash & Recycling: KTZ will get clarification from B&L Disposal on which plastics are acceptable for recycling and then send out the information on the website and social media.

Communications: KTZ said the newsletter went out prior to Valentine’s Day and asked the general public for event pictures for the website.

Parks: MG met with the Girls Club to talk about the needs/wants of the program for this year; she has gotten two quotes for the annual order of playground mulch and work on the softball field work and is waiting on a third. There was some discussion on the location of a new softball equipment shed. There was discussion on the progress for implementation of the DCNR grant. It is anticipated that construction for this will be in the fall, after school starts.

Activities: LR reported there was a great turnout at the 5th Annual Snow Jam. The Committee will meet on March 4 to discuss finalizing the 2019 event calendar. The Chili Cookoff will be March 24 from 4-6 pm. April 26 will be a BINGO Night at 6:30 and October 26 will be Oktoberfest.

Planning & Ordinances: Drafts of the Shade Tree Commission Ordinance and the Tree Ordinance were distributed electronically. Further discussion will be held at the next meeting, after council has had a change to review.

The “Coffee with the Mayor”, which included the Planning Commission presentation went well. JR gave special thanks to Joe Healy for the planning presentation.

There was discussion on what it would take to make Borough Hall a suitable emergency shelter. This will be further explored by the Planning Commission.

Public Safety: CG discussed the transformer at Waverly and Sylvan and steps to work with PECO to upgrade the transformer.

Finance: JR asked Council to review the Bills List. Motion to approve the Bills List (HS/LR); motion approved unanimously.

There was discussion about closing out the Street Light Reserve account and other inactive PLGIT accounts. CR advised that such action should be by resolution from Council rather than a motion. A resolution will be prepared for the next council meeting.

Also, the DCNR requires a separate account for the Triangle Park Upgrades grant money and therefore, a separate resolution to allow for the new account should also be crafted.

Streets: SN is working with JM (Joe Maginnis) to list the potholes and prioritize them.

Sewer: HS requested that Catania write the RFP for Phase III of the sewer program.

Building: HS thanked Karl Kloefper, a resident and licensed electrician, who has volunteered to complete the rest of the needed electrical work, the thermostats and electronic locks, for material cost.

CR drafted a “license agreement” between Chambers Memorial and the Borough regarding the “parking space for snow removal” swap. There was a long discussion about the need for “additional insured” to be part of each entities’ certificate of insurance.

Personnel: none

Old Business: none

New Business: There was a long discussion on the hall rentals and setting parameters for the use of the building and balancing having community activities with the rental income. Council approved the use of the downstairs hall on June 28th for the MRFC Spaghetti Dinner, August 25th for a Community Barter Event and September 7th for a Post-Garage Sale get together.

Motion to adjourn, 9:37. (HS/KTZ)

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