January 19 Work Session Minutes


January 19, 2021

7:30 PM Work Session Meeting


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call   Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marlaina Kloepfer, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed (excused), Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther, Administrator Jen Mickle.  Guest Chief Stufflet and Tom Heron.


Public Comment: None.


Tax Collector:

  • $48959.03 collected
  • 7 properties still owe 2020
  • 4 special sewers
  • The outstanding 2020 tax bills with be sent to the county on 1.28.2021
  • 2021 tax bills will be sent to the printer on 1.21.2021. The goal is to have them sent out to residents on 2.1.2021.


Mayor’s Report

  • Read police report
  • Extra police for inauguration- MERT team has been activated
    • One car dedicated to Rutledge for this week.
  • Souper Bowl of Caring 1.30-2.7.2021 
    • Drop off at church daily during that week.
    • Pick up at houses the morning of  2.7.2021
  • Covid at 6%, 53 cases  WEAR YOUR MASK!


Minutes: Approval of the minutes of January 4, 2021 Council Meeting: HS/KYZ unanimous


Committee Assignments: See attached updated committee assignments.


Trash & Recycling: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • B&L contract up end of 2021
    • RFP  for a new contract should go out no later than September 
    • We need to develop a strategy for the  recycling portion. Reach out to neighboring municipalities to see how they have handled it
    • Morton no longer offers recycling but Swarthmore does
    • Bid no later than sept, to allow for review of options and possible rebidding
    • Consider offering at yard waste pickup at least a couple of times a year. As the cost of trash dumping has increased, the hauler cost may be made up for in the decreased cost of recycling the yard waste


Communications: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • Continue to update the Ordinances on the website
  • Continue with 4 newsletters per year


Parks & Property: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • Master Plan: 
    • Voted to approve Viridian Landscape Studio as the designers for the Master Plan pending an approved contract  HS/SN unanimous
      • Will meet $20k budget
      • CR to review contract
    • Steering committee to have 1st meeting in February followed by the first of 3 community meetings
    • The completed Master Plan will allow us to go after a park grant more effectively
      • HS to review Grant options for 2021
    • DCNR Phase 1 Grant:
      • Still remaining: Table, benches & native  plantings for the rain garden
  • Basketball Nets
    • Put up one -monitor-if problem take down
      • Add a laminated sign limiting the number of players


Activities: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • 2021 Fund Drive will go out in the January Newsletter
  • Increase community outreach
  • Block Captains- Looking for residents to volunteer to be a block captain.
  • Looking for suggestions for social distancing activities


Public Safety: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • The Police Contract is up at the end of 2021
    • Bid out new  police contract this fall
  • SN to reach out to Swarthmore Police to gather information on their de-escalation tactics and policies on policing.
  • Improve connection with MRFC


Finance: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • Bills List  1.5.2021 to 1.18.2021  HS/CG unanimous
  • Tax Collector Ordinance 2021-01: Includes updates for 2022; Vote to Advertise HS/JR unanimous. 
    • Includes changing the tax collectors salary and requirements of the tax collector for 2022
    • This coordinates with transitioning the tax software and tracking to inside the Borough office with the new tax software
  • CR to take review contracts and insurance in 2021
  • Continue to review and strategize the best way to optimise the reserve funds and consider funding for upcoming large projects such as the stormwater and park.


Streets:  2021 Goals and Priorities; 

  • Approved resolution 2021-02 for County Aid for Road Work HS/SN unanimous
    • Rules for County Aid: Money can be held for 1 year and combined with the following year if requested.
  • Residents should report potholes to SN so that they can be filled quickly.


Sewers: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • Overall storm water infiltration is down, which lowered our fees to the CDCA.
  • Options to consider for Individual Sewer Laterals:
    • Consider requiring videoing the  laterals when homeowners sell their property
    • Consider changing the sewer fees from a flat rate per property to a usage fee (based on Aqua water bills)
      • New tax software would potentially allow this. 
      • Review logistics and costs associated with this to consider for 2022 implementation.

Building: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  •  Hall Rental Update For March
    • Due to COVID rates. Council voted to keep the halls closed for rental until May: HS/JR unanimous
  • Council voted to extend the Church Contract for use of the parking lot in exchange for plowing and shoveling thru 6.30.2021.
  • Catania Engineering Report for Dec 2020
  • Consider how best to use the hall
  • Consider Solar and cross usages
  • Better communication to residents on changes to Ordinance, the Borough Code and Municipal Maintenance Code
  • County reached out about using the hall for a Covid Call Center or a Short term training center:
    • Council voted to delegate authority to the President or VP of Council to grant short term use of hall for County Covid related purposes, subject to the approval of the solicitor, pursuant to the agreement to hold the borough harmless. This is valid for 3 months, after which this would need to be reviewed again.


Planning: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • Continue work to align comprehensive planning with Triangle Park Master Planning, Stormwater Management Plan, and Resiliency Planning Efforts
  • Complete Emergency Operations Planning
  • Develop communication strategies for outreach and engagement for community involvement and information sharing 
  • Institute a review of key ordinances


Personnel: 2021 Goals and Priorities

  • Office Assistant Update
    • This job was advertised and listed on the Borough website in December:
    • 3 resumes were received. 2 people responded when contacted 
    • Lisa Seal & HS interviewed 2 people
    • Selected Kylie Mickle to fill the position, which is set to 100 hour maximum, then will be reviewed. Lisa Seal will monitor this position.
  • PSAB Class: Your Role As A Municipal Sec./Administrator
    • Jen Mickle requested to take this class
    • Council voted to approve the cost of  $150 for the class: HS/SN unanimous
  • Update job descriptions and create an Office Handbook


Public Comment:   

  • 2 residents commented on  basketball hoops at Triangle Park and requested that they be reinstalled. The school district has reinstalled the ones at SRS.
  • Ray Devine, Emergency Manager, will talk to MK & JM about hall rentals


Old Business/New Business:


Adjournments 9:17 HS SN unanimous


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