January 21st 2020 Work session

January 21, 2020
Work Session Minutes

Called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:34pm

Roll Call President Heidi Sentivan , Vice President Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Marlaina Kloepfer, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther and Jen Mickle, acting as Borough secretary. Lindsay Reed Excused

Public Comment: none

Mayor’s Report:
Feb 1st is the Souper Bowl of Caring.
Swarthmore Police Dept has new speed detection equipment. Once training is complete, they can start using it in Rutledge. The 200 Block of Linden Ave will be the first place that they will try it out. Other locations including Swarthmore Ave and Morton Ave to be considered.

Minutes: Approval of the minutes of January 6, 2020 reorganization meeting HS/SN passed unanimously

Trash & Recycling:
2020 Goals: Increase outreach and communication to residents on proper material disposal protocols
Explore options for alternate or additional opportunities for yard waste recycling/mulching/removal (including, e.g., Christmas tree recycling; biannual yard waste removal)
Confirm pricing with B&L for Computer, TV recycling ($500 estimate). Consider 2x/year with Morton We could consider offering free for residents and small fee for non-residents to make up some of the cost.
Lay groundwork for new T&R contract

Chili Cook off 2/8 and Snow Jam 2/22
Permit info is now all online.
Newsletter: Include reminder about the Fire Company fund Drive, upcoming activities

Parks & Property:
DCNR 2018 Grant: Vote to Advertise for Bidders on Thursday, January 23rd with bid opening on February 13th at 10 am at Borough Hall: HS/SN passed unanimously. This includes ADA parking and accessibility improvements and a new fence.
DCNR 2019 Grant: Initial Coordination Conference call was on 1/22/20
2020 Goals: A. Complete Triangle Park Master Plan, including increasing community input and finding
ways to make better use of our parks and property. Waiting to hear back on PECO
Green Grant but plan on moving forward.
B. Complete DCNR Grant work

Upcoming Events: Chili Cook off 2/8 and Snow Jam 2/22
2020 Goals: Continue to offer a variety of event to reach a large cross section of the community and find ways to outreach and involve more of the community

Public Safety:
2020 Goals: The Committee plans on looking for ways to work with police and Fire Dept and offer reminders to the community.

Bills list, January 7-21 KTZ/HS passed unanimously
2020 Goals:
Updates to tax structures and operations for collection and management
Updates to contracts and services; new RFPs
Evaluating opportunities for multi-municipal coordination on borough services and costs
Ongoing evaluation of savings and grants for large capital projects

UPDATE: Morton Ave will be paved in 2020, no dates yet; Working on coordinating the road package with Morton. Reach out to Aqua to repair the road at Rutledge Ave and Unity Terrace.
2020 Goals: Determine long range plan for streets and modifications in conjunction with comprehensive planning

UPDATE: 2018 Sewer Grant: paperwork has been sent to the state for payment. Waiting on final approval and funds.
2020 Goals:
Explore ways to update how the Borough deals with individual laterals with a goal of minimizing ground and stormwater infiltration
Research options for switching to a usage based Sewer Fee including associated costs and administrative requirements. This has been a request from several residents.
Research options for requiring sewer lateral inspections prior to sale of property, similar to Nether Providence.
Continue to monitor flows with CDCA now that the Rutledge lines are now fully lined.

2020 Goals: Community outreach on maintenance code; Adopt Update Maintenance Code
Develop pricing for weekday meetings, dance practice, etc. set a price schedule.
Vote to rent lower hall, for a Saturday, May 2, at noon with access at 10 am (outside of general parameters). Approved.
Jen to research grants for AED for hall

Updates on vacancies were discussed; appointment of Ray Devine to one year term as Emergency Coordinator was discussed
2020 Goals:
Complete borough comprehensive plan
Update Emergency Management Plan; explore possible roles for full-time emergency coordinator
Outline a borough-wide resiliency plan
Help to coordinate the completion of a comprehensive plan for Triangle Park

2020 Goals:
Oversee transition in borough support staff roles and manage for clarity and optimization
Ensure better inter-staff communication and coordination with council

Public Comment: none

Old Business: Approval of Catania 2020 engineering contract HS/JR passed unanimously

New Business:
Approval of Updated U&O Form HS/SN passed unanimously
MEAC UPDATE: C.Gradel gave MEAC (Municipal Environmental Advisory Committees) update. Members from this group have offered to attend a council meeting and discuss transitioning to clean renewable energy- READY FOR 100%. HS requested that this be considered as part of the Borough Comprehensive Plan that is being developed.
Voted to approve Computer Service up to $900 including installation of Microsoft office and making printers and scanner work with computers HS/JR passed unanimously

Adjournment HS/JR 8:53pm

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