July 22 2019 Work Session

July 22, 2019
7:30 PM Work Session

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:32 pm.

Roll Call Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marie Govannicci, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed , Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Jen Mickle, Solicitor Christine Reuther.

Public Comment: none

Mayor’s Report: Chief read the police report

Minutes: Approval of July 8, 2019 meeting minutes CG/LR unanimous approval

Trash & Recycling: Curb Your Clutter agreement sent in and being set up
COG E-Recycling Event, August 4, 2019

Communications: KTZ working on setting up next newsletter date

Parks: DCNR Grant- Currently finalizing the purchasing plan which will include bidding out the handicap parking, concrete work, and fencing. The goal is to have the work done in October. Planting may need to be completed in the spring depending on timing.

Activities: The Annual Fund Drive has brought in $3355 to date. Movie in the park will be on July 27th and will be The Princess Bride.

Public Safety: MRFC Glen Pitner & Jack Breslin spoke about the district 6 coverage.
New company bylaws and membership
There was a calls within the borough related to a small fire at 16 President, which was contained and had limited damages.

Finance: Bills list LR/HS unanimous.
Resolution 2019-7: authorizing the closing of PLGIT KTZ/CG unanimous. Includes closing the general & road repair accounts and transferring funds from both accounts to Trumark general checking account

Ordinance for the removal of the Per Capita Tax- to be removed by the end of the year. End as of Jan 1, 2020. Anyone who still owes before will still have to pay End as of Jan 1, 2020 (voted to advertise) HS/MG unanimous.

Streets outreach to Morton Borough for 2020 joint street resurfacing as well as to other municipalities

Sewers: Phase 2 is almost complete.

Building: Hall Rental complaint letter was received from a resident Council to issue a formal response
The Police were asked to quantify the number of calls received related to the hall rentals in 2019. Police Chief Stuflett said he looked into this and there have only been (2) 911 calls in 2019 and neither resulted in any disciplinary action. He said if there is any issue, residents should call 911 so the police can respond and there can be a formal record of any noise or related complaints.

Planning: The amendment of zoning code to allow conditional use has been reviewed by the county planning commission. Borough is awaiting formal comments. Informational boards will be on display prior to Movie Night. There is a vacant seat on the Planning Commission due to the resignation of Eric Leggett. The Planning Commission is seeking letters of interest from residents through August 2nd.


Tax Collector Report:

Public Comment:

Old Business: Resolution 2019-6: indicating intent to follow the Commonwealth’s Municipal Records Schedule JR/LR Unanimous

New Business:

Adjournment: HS/MG unanimous

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