July 6, 2020 Council Meeting


July 6, 2020 Council Meeting 

212 Unity Terrace

Rutledge, PA 19070


The remote meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:32 pm. 


Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marlaina Kloepfer  (excused absence), Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther, Administrator Barbarann Keffer. 


Public Comment:  Courtney Page, 101 Linden Avenue asked what the borough is doing to combat the Spotted Lanternflies.  There was a discussion on what individuals can do because the borough itself does not have the manpower or financial resources to take this on.  The Shade Tree Commission will be asked to help out; HS will reach out to them.


Roxanne Ward, 236 President, asked if she could lead “Yoga in the Park” for the remainder of the summer.  There was a discussion of the logistics (time, promotion, permit requirements, etc.) and the conclusion was that there would be an initial class and then any necessary adjustments with regards to COVID and impact on the neighborhood could be made after that.


Tax Collector: no report


Mayor’s Report: KC stated that the July 4th events went very well and remarked on the high participation rate in the borough-wide decorating contest.  Congresswoman Scanlon, Senator Kearney and Representative Kruger were all there.  KC thanked all the people who volunteered to create this socially-distant event.


Minutes: motion to pass the June 15, 2020  council meeting minutes  (HS/JR); passed unanimously. 


Public Safety: The MRFC report was submitted and will be in the Council Meeting binder.  There was a discussion about the large amount of fireworks this summer, whether an ordinance makes sense, how it can be enforced, etc.  CR encouraged a public information campaign instead of an ordinance.


Finance: Approval of the bills list from June 17 – July 6, 2020, HS/CR, motion passed unanimously.  JR gave the 6-month update on the state of the budget.  The first post-COVID hall rental will be July 25.  

CR advised the council to build a buffer into the 2021 budget.               


Parks: The sidewalk and new handicapped parking spot parts of the Triangle Park project.  The playground area is closed for now and until Part Two of the project is done. The fence work should happen in 3-4 weeks. HS thanked Bill Thomas for doing the maintenance and landscaping work.


Streets:  PennDOT needs to sign off on the repaving contract for Waverly Terrace, in order to meet the liquid fuel requirements. Once this is approved repaving can be scheduled. 


Sewers: The final payments for the relining project have been made and there is $40,000 left over in grant funding.  There was a discussion on how to use the money in accordance with the grant scope and several ideas were discussed. HS to continue discussion with Catania Engineering.


Building:  Council agreed to expand the number of hall rentals to 4 per weekend because COVID- mitigation measures (50% capacity, extra cleaning, etc.) will be observed and to help offset the last four months of no rentals.  A COVID-addendum will be added to the contracts for as long as necessary so the borough is on record for compliance with the Governor’s mandates.


Planning: Resolution 2020-5, Disposition of Records, HS/JR; motion passed unanimously.


Activities: LR gave a recap of the July 4th events.  The July 10 Movie Night will be rescheduled to July 17 or 24 due to the predicted storm.


Communications:  KTZ said more people have joined the email list since the July 4 newsletter went out.  He thanked everyone who helped distribute the newsletters.


Personnel: There was a discussion of the need to formalize a job description for the maintenance position.


Public Comment: KTZ read the email comments: Trina Coppick, 17 E. Sylvan Ave, said the borough did a great job with the July 4th events.  Andy Green, 215 Linden Ave, said code enforcement should be more consistent.   


Old/New Business:  The Swarthmore-Rutledge Girl Scout Troop put the medallions on stormwater manhole covers and finished the project.  


HS announced an Executive Session concerning personnel matters at 8:37 pm.  Council came out of Executive Session at 9:44 pm and adjourned.


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