June 25, 2018

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JUNE 25, 2018: Workshop Meeting
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm

Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Christine Gradel, Samantha Newell, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Marie Govannicci, Mayor Kevin Cunningham

Council President Sentivan announced that Dawn Bascelli was leaving and thanked her for her service over the last two years. Sentivan also said that Barbarann Keffer was transitioning in to fill the position of Borough Administrator.



TRASH & RECYCLING: Discussion with Swarthmore Borough are still going on concerning the recycling program and there was no update.

PARKS COMMITTEE: The Girls Club dedicated the new scoreboard and the new flag is up; flyers are out for the 4th of July festivities; game passes will be handed out at Triangle Park of at M. Govannicci’s house. The Activities Committee will meet after the conclusion of this meeting.

COMMUNICATIONS: The Summer 2018 newsletter went out as did the fundraising letter and return envelope for the Activities Committee. The next meeting of the Communications Committee will be on July 12, 2018.

PUBLIC SAFETY, no discussion

FINANCE: The LED street light project is done; the Committee is preparing with Lisa for the 6-month (report??).
The Capital Fund Reserve has an extra $4000; there is a proposal to move $2500 of those funds to the General Fund working towards the goal of replenishing the Reserve. Roberts made a motion, Sentivan seconded it. Motion passed unanimously.

PERSONNEL: Barbarann Keffer has been hired as the Borough Administrator and Jen Mickle is now the Hall Rental Coordinator. One of the goals of these personnel decisions is to have regular hours that Borough Hall is open.

STREETS: Today was the first day of the 420 closure; people are encouraged to call 911, as a non-emergency call, to help Police keep the stop sign regulations followed. In two weeks, another meeting might be called. Council is looking for volunteers to count cars on Linden. The Mayor emailed the Police Chief to see if there were any traffic problems. There was discussion about “flash points”, commuter short cuts around the detail, and using Google maps and Wase to find the best routes around the work.

SEWERS: The two relining projects are almost done. Keffer has been instructed to look into possible reimbursement from the state. Catania is getting quotes for the blocked 1st floor vent.

BUILDING: Electrical updates needed in Borough Hall are a top priority; quotes for painting (the upstairs hall?) will be taken.

TAX COLLECTOR, no report

MAYOR’S REPORT, given during the Streets Committee discussion

PUBLIC COMMENT: A resident asked about the possibility of the Borough borrowing the Swarthmore PD’s LED sign for traffic control.


NEW BUSINESS: Sentivan made a motion for Council to pass Resolution 2018-7, concerning Community Conservation Partnerships; Govannicci seconded it. Resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution 2018-6 introduced which calls for a 90-day trial of temporary traffic-calming measures. There was discussion of working with Swarthmore to borrow materials and also of the Mayor’s authority to block Borough roads. Sentivan made a motion to pass the resolution; Torres-Zickler seconded it. Motion passed unanimously.

There was discussion on the use of Borough Hall for local non-profit organizations. Further discussion will be done through the Building Committee.

MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT: Sentivan/Roberts. Motion passed unanimously. 7:51 pm

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