November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018 Meeting
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:02 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marie Govannicci, Ken Torres-Zickler, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Lindsay Reed, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Solicitor Christine Reuther, Administrator Barbarann Keffer

Motion to pass November 5, 2018 minutes: SN/MG, motion passed unanimously

Trash & Recycling: There are no immediate changes to the status of recycling prices but it was emphasized that Council should continue do outreach to remind residents about “cleaner” recycling, rinsing bottles and cans, removing wrappers when possible, etc. KT-Z met with Mike, our B&L Disposal representative. KT-Z will update the website with the 2019 trash/recycling dates and holidays.

The County compost facility is now privately owned; there will now be a fee imposed to residents who drop off their own yard waste. The cost is $20/ton for yard waste which is considerably less than the $53 tipping fee. Rutledge Borough can set up an account with the new compost vendor (name?). There was discussion about having Joe Maginnis (JM) do a Christmas Tree recycling collection.

Communications: KT-Z reported that the newsletters were delivered over the weekend. HS thanked the Committee for a great job on the newsletter with a quick turnaround.

Parks & Activities: MG stated that JM needs to rake the leaves and check the rain garden at Triangle Park. The trash can issue is still not resolved. There will be no Activities Committee meeting this month. The Oktoberfest bills/payments are not quite finished yet.

Planning: The Committee’s last meeting focused on the Oktoberfest displays which were designed to get people’s input about Rutledge from a planning perspective. JR listed the various results on transportations, community spaces, storm water management. Possibly, future meetings of the Committee will discuss the top 3 topics. All in all, JR said, the subgroups, sorted by various ages and lengths of time living in Rutledge, across the board were well-represented in the responses and were also well-represented in terms of attendance at the Oktoberfest.

(Solicitor Christine Reuther (CR) came in at 7:22 pm)

Public Safety: LR read the MRFC monthly report (to be found in the binder); the Fire Company will also be selling Christmas trees in December and they will be taking up a collection at the Springfield Kohl’s on Black Friday.

Streets: Joe Maginis is working on filling in various potholes; HS is still working with AQUA to figure out about the Swarthmore Ave patches, which were dug up for feeding sections of Ridley and then patched poorly.

Sewers: HS stated that the bids for Phase III of the sewer-relining project will be going out early next year after the budget is approved and the scope of work has been set.

Building: The hardwood floors upstairs will be sanded and refinished Thanksgiving week. KT-Z and Jen Mickle moved furniture around to do the pre-work prep. Jen will be doing an inventory of the condition of the tables. Electrical work continues to be done in Borough Hall including programmable thermostats. There is money in the activites budget for a new PA system and the goal is have it purchased before the Snow Jam event in February.

Mayor’s Report: The SPD should make an announcement about the new Police Superintendent soon. Also, the Mayor is coordinating the Tree Lighting Event.

Old Business: The Right To Know resolution will be uploaded to the Borough website.

New Business: Chambers Memorial Church offered a swap: The Borough can use the lot for overflow event parking in exchange for the Borough handling the snow plowing. There were questions about the sidewalks at Triangle Park and about the existence of a snow blower. CR advised that the arrangement on a one-year trial basis. SN will draft the letter.

HS announced that the DCNR grant for the park was awarded to Rutledge and expressed the hope that more grant writing work would get done before the next application deadline.

JR gave a detailed budget update and announced the next Finance Committee meeting would be on November 26.

Motion to adjourn, 8:44. (HS/SN)

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