November 5, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2019 Council Meeting
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:32 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marie Govannicci , Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Fill In Jen Mickle, Solicitor Christine Reuther (excused).
Public Comment: Jen Hunt talked about Mommy & Me group and use of Community Center from 9:30 to 10:30 1-2 times per week starting in Feb/March 2020. Start with 6 month term. Will follow up with insurance. Limit to 10 to 15 people. Normal class is approx 5. Council to review.
Mayor’s Report: Halloween went well and a number of treat or treaters stopped at Borough Hall.
The Silvertones booked for tree lighting
Rutledge Resident Jean Sloat passed away this past week Please keep her
and her family in your thoughts and prayers
Minutes: motion to pass Oct 28 workshop meeting minutes (SN/MG); passed unanimously.
Trash & Recycling: B&L is offering a recycling program in 2020 for approx $500 per event where they would collect TVs microwaves, monitors, refrigerators, AC units etc. at no cost to the residents, except for the event cost. We spoke to Morton about partnering up with them and doing it twice in the year.
Yard Waste- Jen will contact B&L to see what the cost will be to add 2 yard waste runs per year. spring/ fall
Communications: Newsletter is Dec 5th Deadline Nov 25th
Parks: Received $5,000 grant toward the Triangle Park Master Plan. Last week the Borough submitted PECO Green Space Grant for an additional $10,000 toward the master plan.
Activities: Meeting Nov 11 for 2020 calendar
Finance: Approval of the bills list (HS/CG) unanimous
Budget Discussion JR provided an overview of the 2020 budget. He emphasized the Council’s commitment to ensuring a budget that is balanced while ensuring the borough’s ability to be resilient and take advantage of new opportunities. Challenges to be met in 2020 and future budgets include rising operating costs for services (e.g., fire, police), managing unexpected costs, and ensuring the borough’s ability to meet stormwater plan implementation ahead of state deadlines. To accommodate, the draft budget will include proposed changes to revenue as well as new reserve funds for enhanced planning.
TruMark Credit Card acceptance for hall rentals- we will get money in 24-48 hrs
No setup/ cancelation fee, no fee to us (charge user either a flat fee or %)
We need to find out the best way to return security deposit if they make dep on cc. SN as to get them to define what initial term is on pg 5 6.4
Streets: Officer Hinkley stopped by the office because the WSSD bus driver, has requested a No Parking From Here To Corner sign be installed at the corner of Waverly and Linden. Buses are having trouble making the turn. We will schedule a time for Mr Steve, Joe and Roger to meet for sign and yellow line to be properly placed.
Sewer: The goal is to have the Phase II Sewer relining project closed out by the end of year. Previously, the state has been quick to pay their portion.
Building: The vinyl floors are tentatively scheduled to be replaced week of Nov 11. Will know wed Nov 6th. HS asked for help moving everything on Sunday and back on Thursday or Friday
KTZ asked about Smoke detectors. JM advised that hard wired are all being replaced by Karl but 10 year battery operated have been put up.
Public Comment: Mrs. Hunt from 209 Linden expressed a concern about rats. She found a dead one on her property and someone has seen them in the storm sewer. There have been recent reports of rat issues in Ridley. HS said that residents can notify the Borough and have code enforcement review the situation if there is a property that seems to be an issue.
Old Business:
New Business:

Motion to adjourn, 8:35 pm. (HS/SN).

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