RBPC 8-13-2018


August 13, 2018 Meeting 212 Unity Terrace Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Joseph Brook, Hilary Cannarella, Joe Healy, Eric Leggit, Jen Mickle, Samantha Newell, Jody Roberts; Absent: None

Chairman Position: Vacant position; Motion to appoint JH (SN/EL), motion passed unanimously.

Fall Planning Activities: JR/HC/JH attended Rutledge Activities Committee Meeting on July 16th to explore opportunities to integrate Planning Commission community engagement activities with other planned fall events; will target Oktoberfest and other interim communications.

Borough Ordinance Review: SN externship approved, proceeding with comprehensive review and update of the Borough Ordinances over the next 17-18 weeks; JB/EL to assist.

New Business: Public Comment; Christine Gradel raised concerns about the pending price increases for recycling in the Borough and questioned if this is an issue that should be addressed by the Planning Commission; SN responded that this was a Borough Council issue.

Motion to adjourn, 8:15. (JH/EL)

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