Rutledge Borough Work Session, May 24, 2010

Greg Lebold, Council President, opened the scheduled Work Session Meeting at 7:30 PM, in the Council Meeting Room, 212 Unity Terrace, Rutledge, PA.

The following Council Members answered roll call: Diane McGaughey, Tom Kopp, Greg Lebold, Jack Borsch, Brian Costello, and David Waltz

Also present: Jerry Connelly, Morton-Rutledge Fire Co., Karl Eilinsfeld

Not Present: Mayor Scott Shields, G. Guy Smith, Solicitor, Kurt Morrison

Jack Borsch reported that the Morton Rutledge Fire Co. will renegotiate the mortgage on the Borough building with the following terms:
$58,439.26 10 years 6.25% no loan fees

MOTION by Jack Borsch to enter into a mortgage agreement with the Morton Rutledge Fire Co., loan amount $58, 439.26, 10 years, 6.25%, no loan fees.

The payments will be 658.36 per month if started on June 1, or 656.16 per month if started in July.
Diane McGaughey stated that the purpose of refinancing the mortgage with TD bank was to establish a relationship with them so that we can borrow funds in the future for road repair. She would like to borrow $150,000.00 for road repairs- now is a good time to borrow money, and bids have been coming in low.
Ms. McGaughey would like to have the loan for 10 years and pay it off in 5 years. Ms. McGaughey would like the contract for the Fire Co. loan to be reviewed by the Solicitor. David Waltz stated that he has been meeting with county officials for grant funds for road repairs. The officials told Mr. Waltz not to borrow money. Mr. Waltz stated that he would like to put curbing in on the roads that are to be repaired, at a cost of $40/linear foot. Ms. McGaughey stated that the homeowners should be assessed for the cost. Mr. Watz stated that the Borough can’t do that. The Solicitor has stated, in the past, that the Borough can assess the homeowners for the cost of curbing. Jack Borsch withdrew his motion.

Mr. Borsch stated that defibrillator machines are available at a reduced cost of $1,050.00 until 05/31/10. The Borough can get one for the Community Center, and the bartender can be in charge of it. Ms. McGaughey stated that there are no funds in the 2010 budget, and it is not fair to the bartenders, who would have to get certified in the use of the equipment.
A recycling comparison of 2009 and 2010 shows no change in trash tonnage for the first four months of the year.
Discussed getting a report from Aqua that shows water totals going into the homes in Rutledge, to be compared with flow meter data of water coming out of homes and going into the sanitary sewer system.
Mr. Borsch reported that DELCORA received a grant to be used for education of homeowners on inflow and infiltration and what can be done to remedy it.
Discussed road repairs. Mr. Waltz will get updated prices from the Engineer.

Karl Eilinsfeld reported that he repaired three pieced of broken equipment, and cleared out the garage, and got $75.00 for the scrap metal. He used 20 bags of blacktop patch to repair potholes.
Mr. Eilinsfeld would like to purchase gas powered shears to trim the shrubbery at the Triangle Park- cost $260-300.

Diane McGaughey reported that the 4th of July festivities will be held on Saturday, July 3. The Tree Committee will have the refreshment concession. The 4th of July Committee is having financial problems and may have to cut the Halloween and Eater celebrations. They will contact Mr. Eilinsfeld regarding placement of barriers for the parade.

Ms. McGaughey stated that the Environmental Action Committee applied for a $100,000- $350,000 grant.

Ms. McGaughey stated that Morton Borough has budgeted $18,500 to be paid to the Morton-Rutledge Fire Co. in 2010, and there will be no additional revenue from them. The money they are collecting is past due sewer fees, which are dedicated funds and can’t be used for general account expenses. Jerry Connelly stated that Morton Borough told him that they would pay the Fire Co. from the Reserve Fund, and the money was not included in the budget. There was one call in Rutledge last month.
Ms. McGaughey would like to have a contract with the Morton-Rutledge Fire Co., and cited the PA Municipal Code.

Mr. Lebold stated that the Borough can get a reduced rate for Workers Comp Insurance if a Workplace Safety Committee is formed, and meets 1 hour per month.

Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM.

Submitted by: Gennifer Guiliano

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