September 23 2019 Work session

September 23, 2019 Work Session
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:31 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts(excused absence), Marie Govannicci (by phone), Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel (excused absence), Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed (absence), Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Barbarann Keffer, Solicitor Christine Reuther (available by phone).

HS switched the order of the agenda.

Planning Commission: There was a discussion of the commission’s feedback on the draft of the ordinance; Joe Healy (commission chair) made suggestions to the draft (report is in the Council binder). The ordinance will be on the agenda of the October 14 Council Meeting.

Greg Krawchuck and Greg Danks presented the PA One-Call system and fielded questions on the Borough’s obligation to be in compliance with the program which includes marking the municipal-owned sanitary sewer line when mechanical excavations are scheduled within the borough. If Council wishes to have Catania Engineering take over the notifications, an agent letter to Catania should be sent from Council.

Public Comment: Mary Fite, 37 Linden Avenue, complained about multiple outside cats; there was a discussion about what legal measures the borough can take to control outdoor feral cats.

Mayor’s Report: KC read the police report. One Halloween, candy will be handed out beginning at 6:30 pm. The Christmas Tree Lighting will be on December 2.

Public Safety: Chief Stufflet talked about the SPD’s latest efforts for community outreach and enhanced safety at the district schools.

Minutes: motion to pass the minutes from the September 9 Council meeting (HS/LR); motion passed unanimously.

Communications: KTZ reported that the fall newsletter needs to be printed and distributed.

Parks: Quotes from three licensed tree service companies were evaluated. Arborists from all three companies evaluated the trees at Triangle Park. It was determined that the oak tree is diseased and needs to be removed and that the locust trees are in need of trimming. Motion to accept the bid from Strobert Tree Service to remove the oak tree and prune three locust trees in Triangle Park for $4675.00 (MG/HS); motion passed unanimously.

Activities: HS talked about the upcoming Oktoberfest and that there is a $5 discount per ticket if purchased prior to October 1.

Finance: motion to pass the bills list (SN/HS); motion passed unanimously.
(Finance, cont.)

Motion to allow the purchase of an extra battery (HS/SN); motion passed unanimously.

Motion to allow for the purchase of a new edger (HS/KTZ); motion passed unanimously.

Motion to pass Resolution 2019-10 to close the Shade Tree Commission and Tax Collector accounts at TD Bank and to open accounts for the same purposes at Trumark Financial ((HS/KTZ).

Streets: Motion to accept the $8600 quote from Mullen & Sons to fix potholes on the Terraces and Linden Avenue to be paid out of the Gas Fund account (HS/SN); motion passed unanimously.

Sewer: Motion to approve the change order for the sewer lining project which still keeps the cost of Phase 3 under budget (HS/MG); motion passed unanimously.

Building: Motion to accept the flooring quote for the downstairs hall, kitchen and bathroom and the upstairs bar, kitchen and bathroom for $17,415 by ProTech Floors (HS/MG); motion passed. This was less expensive than the second quote and a third vendor declined to provide a quote.

Motion to accept a quote of $1200 to repair the active leak in the roof (KTZ/SN); motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn, 8:46 pm. (LR/SN).

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