September 8, Work Session

September 8, 2020 Work Session Meeting 

212 Unity Terrace

Rutledge, PA 19070


The remote meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:37 pm. 


Roll Call Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Lindsay Reed, Marlaina Kloepfer, Samantha Newell, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Jen Mickle,  Solicitor Christine Reuther, Tax Collector Tom Heron


Public Comment: None


Tax Collector: Update on Tax Software and Plan for 2021 Taxes:

  • TH and LS Reviewed several software options. TH and LS both recommend going with software from Charles Williamson. This is used by a number of Municipalities in Delaware County. The first year the cost is extra due to first time set up costs.
  • TH recommends using Touchstone Printing for printing, collating and sending the tax bills. Printing was previously done by the County, however they no longer offer this service.
  • Estimated cost for tax expenses for 2021 is estimated at $1834 including: tax software, scanner, thumb drive, renting a Po Box, printing and sending the bills. 
  • Tom Heron requests budget for a not to exceed of $2500 for the 2021 budget. Some of these expenses are one time fees and the cost would be less the next year.
  • Tax bills are scheduled to mail out Feb 1st.
  • Due to the county reassessment the millage rate will change. This information will be available in late fall.
  • CR suggested that the finance committee review what items are associated with 2020 costs verses 2021 costs. Finance Committee to review and update the council at the next meeting.


Mayor’s Report:

  •  Police Report ENRAD was used on Swarthmore Ave between 10-12, 1 warning and 5 citations issued.
  • Mayor K would like to wish Brookhaven’s retiring mayor Good Luck. He will be missed.


Minutes: Approval of the minutes from the August 17th, 2020 council work session  HS/JR unanimous approval


Trash & Recycling: 


  • DWSWA HOT LOAD policy & Procedures- information included from B&L




  • Newsletter will go out in late September/early October, once the Halloween events have been finalized. The Newsletter should also include voting information.
  • Ordinance Update- KTZ has started to update the ordinances on the website. Currently he is missing Ordinances 430-461 and 470-480. There are still a number of old file boxes to go through. The hope is that these can be located as the borough undertakes going through the old files.


Parks & Property: 

  • While the fence is being worked on, the playground is closed.
  • We had put off moving forward with the RFP process for the Park Master Plan with the goal of having in person meeting. However, we don’t want to continue to hold off, so the RFP will be updated to include remote meetings, so that the process can move forward.



  • The outdoor movie in the park has been cancelled. The Activities Committee is looking for new members to allow for additional events to be scheduled. Without enough volunteers, events are difficult to run, especially given spacing requirements under COVID.
  • Plans for Halloween include a Glow Event where there will be a carved pumpkin contest at  Borough Hall. Pumpkins will be judged and lit up at dusk for everyone to admire.
  • The Activities Committee is still planning on having the tree lighting, although the event will need to be altered to allow for social distancing. At this point the luminaries may not happen on Christmas Eve. Luminaries require a lot of workers and with the current social distancing requirements, we aren’t sure we can make and distribute them in an effective manner. If residents have ideas or want to volunteer, please reach out.


Public Safety:

  • Discussion regarding tree at Swarthmore & Waverly (corner of Triangle Park). There is a concern that the tree at this location in the park is blocking the view when turning onto Swarthmore Ave.
  • LR will contract the STC about whether this tree could possibly be relocated within the fence.
  • Over the longterm Waverly may become a one-way street. This is an item for the Park Master Plan. Discussion about whether we could try making it one-way as a trial. That would require reviewing with the Swarthmore Police Department to determine what signage would be required and what other issues we should consider.
  • MRFC August report
    • It was noted that the fund drive letters will be coming out soon and we ask residents to consider donating. Unfortunately MRFC usually only receives about a 20% response, which isn’t enough to keep the fire company going. Additionally, due to Covid this year fundraising could not take place so they are further behind. If they don’t receive a higher donation they may be forced to request a separate fire tax.
    • CG to check with MRFC to see if there is a link they can add to our FB and newsletter for direct donations.


Finance:  Bills list to be included in next meeting.



  • Approval to pay Sucher for road work. $2970 from general fund and $19026 from liquid fuels (holding back 10% [$1902.60]for damages to 1609 Waverly Terrace) SN/HS unanimous approval
  • Sign Replacement & Removal- Officer Hinkler gave the Borough a list of faded signs that should be replaced.  Billy and Jen to review what signs we currently have in the garage and how many need to be ordered.



  • MRFC has requested to use the Hall for 2 dates in 2021, since they were unable to have an event in 2020. The Building Committee will review and report back at the next meeting.      
  • Hall Rentals for remainder of 2020: Currently there are 10 booking through the end of the year. People are still calling about renting and are being made aware of the 25 limit at this time. The Building Committee to meet before the next meeting to discuss rentals for the remainder of 2020.
  • Permits- Reminder that permits are required for most work on your home and property. If a resident is unsure, we request that you contact the Borough for confirmation.
  • Code Report for August was read. This information will be included in the monthly minutes.                 



  • Safe Access to Transit Project Is Underway 
    • This project is reviewing safe Pedestrian, Bicycle & vehicle access to the Morton Train Station. 
    • There is currently an online Survey. Residents are strongly encouraged to fill it out. 
    • The Planning Commission is organizing a virtual Q&A session for next week.



  • The Borough is looking for an Office Filing Assistant 
    • Help with backlog of old files
    • Pay will be minimum wage ($7.25), temp position up to 100 hours for this year
    • Help finding old ordinances


Public Comment: 

  • A resident asked via Facebook about evictions. CR noted that it was an issue between tenant and landlord.


Old Business/New Business:

  • Shade Tree Commission Update:
    • The STC sent out flyers about the Spotted Lantern Fly and the upcoming Fall Tree Planting
    • The Tree Planting deadline for signing up for a tree is Sept 17 and the planting is in November.
    • The STC reviewed Borough property for SLF:
      • No SLF were found at borough hall
      • A few were found at the park and destroyed
      • Overall, no heavy infestation was found on borough property        
  • Indgenious People’s Day will be Friday September 25th, outside at Borough Hall
  • Zoning Hearing Board
    • There will be an upcoming hearing. The Hearing will be scheduled in person with social distancing.
  • Ballot Drop Box License Agreement
    • The County will be providing a Ballot Drop Box for the Borough in the next couple of weeks:
      • It will be emptied every day
      • Will be emptied and locked at 8pm on election night
      • The Borough will be signing a 5 year lease agreement that can be canceled on 30 days notice
      • Final location to be determined and it will be installed by the end of September.
      • HS/JR unanimous approval
    • Review of the Planning Commissions comments about Act 537.
    • Motion to reject Act 537 JR/MK unanimous approval
  • Voting Update
    • Yes,Rutledge will have its normal voting location
    • If someone signed up for mail-in voting and wants to vote in person, they MUST bring their blank ballot along with all 3 envelopes. Then Judge of elections can spoil it. Otherwise they will have to vote provisionally. 
  • Delco Arts Week Proclamation
    • The Mayor can make a proclamation at the upcoming work session.
    • This is an opportunity to think of something fun and artistic for Rutledge to participate in.


Adjournment  9.37pm HS/SN unanimous approval


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