Sewer & Stormwater Management

Rutledge Borough Stormwater Management information page


Rutledge Borough maintains the municipal sewer lines that run through the Borough. These lines have been fully relined in the past 6 years. Please contact the Borough if you see any issues with sewer manholes. Typically, the municipal lines run through the rear of the property.


Individual sewer laterals that run from individual buildings to the municipal lines are owned and maintained by the prpoerty owner.  When selling your property, sewer laterals are required to be inspected and in good working order. If you are having a backup issue with your sewer line, you are required to have your individual line inspected. Find the Sewer Lateral Inspection Form HERE


The Borough is a member of the Center Delaware County Authority (CDCA), which manages the Borough’s sewer flow when leaving the Borough. The CDCA pipes connect to DELCORA who treats the wastewater.


Property owners are assessed an annual fee as part of their tax bill that includes the costs of maintaining the Borough’s lines and the costs from CDCA/DELCORA for transporting and treating the wastewater. Limiting stormwater, runoff, illegal sump pump discharge and other water sources from the sewer system is an important step to reducing costs to treat wastewater. 

Stormwater Management