Parks & Property

Triangle Park is a unique asset to both the Borough and its neighboring municipallities that function as a critical oepn-space resource, in an otherwise densely developed and established neighborhood. The park was created at the turn of the last century, first as a tennis club and later as a municipal park. Triangle Park currently has a softball field use by the Rutledge’s Girls Club, as basketball court, rain garden and young children’s playground.

In 2021 the Borough completed a Master Plan for the park. Through this Master Plan the first phase of the park revitilization will be the new Gather Space, meant to be a a centralized gathering space for all residents. The Borough is currently working on Construction Documents for the Gather Space. The goal is that this phase of the project will be completed by the Spring of 2025.
This project is budgeted at $500,000 and made possible with grants from:
  • PECO and their Green Region Open Space Grant
  • Delaware County Green Ways Grant
  • DCNR Community Parks and Recreation Grant
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