Triangle Park

Rutledge Borough is undertaking a Master Plan for Triangle Park to help us envision how to make best use of the park. A large stormwater project is being considered for underneath a significant portion of the park. Assuming this moves forward, it gives the Borough a chance to rethink the layout of the park and the adjacent streets. How can the park be redesigned and improved?
Goals for the Master Plan Include:
  • Solicit community input to ensure community ideas are included
  • Consider ways to make Triangle Park more usable and uniquely Rutledge.
  • Improve pedestrian accessibility and bicycle access, including creating clear, safe and fully accessible connections.
  • Consider the playground, and how it could possibly be reconfigured and improved.
  • Create a more usable and safer softball field with space for spectators.
  • Consider the basketball court and how, as the only paved portion of the park, could be reconsidered or reconfigured for additional uses, while maintaining permeability and the stormwater storage below.
  • Consider other recreational uses for the park.
  • Create design options that consider narrowing or adjusting the adjacent streets, while maintaining parking.
  • Find ways to improve the tree canopy and native plantings.
PDF From March Session: Triangle Park Community Workshop-2
We need your help! Stay tuned for how you get involved. For questions reach out to