March 11, 2019

March 11, 2019 Council Work Session
212 Unity Terrace
Rutledge, PA 19070

Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance recited at 7:34 pm.

Roll Call, Present: Heidi Sentivan, Jody Roberts, Marie Govannicci, Ken Torres-Zickler, Samantha Newell, Christine Gradel, Lindsay Reed,Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Administrator Barbarann Keffer, Solicitor Christine Reuther

The order of the meeting changed here to allow Mayor Cunningham to speak about former Council member and current Rutledge representative on the CDCA, Jim Jones, asking that the community keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

Public Comment: None

Minutes: motion to pass February 25 minutes: SN/MG, motion passed unanimously.

Public Safety: CG discussed the transformer at Waverly and Sylvan and steps to work with PECO to fix the transformer. Then she read the MRFC monthly report which highlighted 9 service hours and 44 personnel hours in February (full report in binder).

Parks: MG discussed plans for Triangle Park and why the DCNR grant is important for implementing Park plans. HS commented that she is working on the 2019 DCNR Grant which is due in early April. Motion to pass Resolution 2019-3, a DCNR grant to fund Triangle Park, Phase III (MG/KTZ); motion passed unanimously.

Finance: JR gave a general overview of the different banks and banking services the Borough uses, some accounts which no longer serve their original purposes and why a move to Trumark Financial would benefit the Borough.

Motion to pass Resolution 2019-4, which would close the PLGIT Street Lights account (JR/KTZ); motion passed unanimously.

Motion to pass Resolution 2091-5, which allows the Borough to open a DCNR grant account with Trumark, as well as a general fund savings and checking account (JR/LR); motion passed unanimously.

Mayor’s Report: KC congratulated Chief Stufflet, now appointed to lead the SPD. KC said that Chief Stufflet would like to attend Rutledge Borough’s workshop meetings because of the scheduling conflict with Swarthmore Borough and that there would be some changes to the formats of the SPD reports to Rutledge.

KC mentioned that he will participate in the Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year.

Tax Collector: TH reminded Council that he must create manual bills for the per-capita tax and for the sewer bills for the Folsom residents; he also submitted a report (in binder).

Out of order of a normal agenda, the bills list was discussed and voted on (KTZ/HS); motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment: none

Old Business: Motion to approve the Chamber Memorial Church Parking Lot license agreement for the 2019 calendar year (HS/MG); motion approved unanimously. This agreement will not automatically renew as it is a trial, but it can be extended if needed

Motion to ratify the publication of the RFP for Phase III of the sewer relining project (CG/JR); motion passed unanimously. March 27 is the deadline for receipt of the proposals.

Updates to the Shade Tree Commission and the Tree Ordinances were discussed. Full language of the two proposed ordinances/amendments to the ordinances will be available on the borough website and in Borough Hall. The Ordinances will be discussed at the next Shade Tree Commission meeting.

Motion to advertise the introduction of the Shade Tree and the Tree Ordinances (MG/CG); motion passed unanimously.

New Business: KTZ discussed the timing of the next newsletter which should be around the 13-14 of April and will contain Easter and updated recycling program information. It was decided to issue a separate recycling flyer and easter egg hunt flyer, in lieu of a full newsletter.

Mayor Cunningham read the February 2019 SPD report.

Motion to adjourn, 8:11 pm. (HS/SN)