Meeting Minutes 01-03-2023

January 3, 2023
7:30 PM Council Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell, Marlaina Kloepfer, Heidi Sentivan, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Sue Hunt, Mayor Gamal Sherif, Solicitor Carl Ewald , Administrator Jen Mickle.

Approval of Agenda
Add Vote to hire Kim Latcham as part-time office assistant under personnel HS/SN: unanimous approval
Votes to approve agenda as amended HS/CG: unanimous approval

Appointments: Vacancy Board Chair
SN/HS: nominate Kevin Cunningham no other nominations
SN/HS: unanimous approval

Public Comment: None.

Tax Collector:
Report from tax collector- attached
Last minute submissions from 2022
End of year reporting; last minute outreach to delinquent tax properties

Mayor’s Report: Happy New Year!

Approval of Minutes SN/CG: unanimous approval

Trash & Recycling:
Yard Waste this Friday
Christmas trees can be recycled less all ornaments
Please no plastic bags in recycling
Include cardboard with recycling; not with trash

Plastic bag bans in effect in Media and Haverford

Communications: None.

Parks & Property:
Delaware County Greenways Grant Update. Fall 2022 Grant Applications were not successful:
Triangle Park Gather Space Phase 2 (including the roof structure) for $250,000
Triangle Park Traffic and Pedestrian Study for $35,000
Look into whether there will be another grant cycle this fall

Triangle Park Gather Space Phase 1:
There is $510,000 available in grant funding for Phase 1. The DCNR funding has not been released yet, but should be shortly.
Regroup with Triangle Park Steering Committee on next steps for he Gather Space including completing Design Development and Construction Design
Bidding for the Phase 1 of the Gather Space is targeted for either late 2023 or early 2024

Recap of luminaries
Next event: Bingo 2/3/23
Activities meeting 1/23/2023

Public Safety: Dec 2022 MRFC Report-attached

distributions and bills list 12.19.2022-1.3.2023 SN/HS: unanimous approval

Streets: none.

The Borough Fee Schedule will be updated with 2023 at the top. No changes to the fees at this time.

Planning: none.

Vote to hire Kimberly Latcham as part-time office assistant HS/SH: unanimous approval

Borough Commissions:
Shade Tree:
Planning Commission

Public Comment: none.

Old Business/New Business:
DCED Small Waters Grant Update for Softball Field stormwater retention project- was Submitted. It will be several months before we will be notified.
CDBG Delaware County Grant Resolution 2023-1 for Codification of Borough Ordinances: Review and Vote on Resolution SN/CG: Unanimous approval
PECO follow up regarding the transformer on Waverly Terrace. There was a fire on a transformer. This is the same transformer that has caused problems including frying a borough light several years ago.
Discussion of committee plans for 2023: JR requested that each committee be prepared to discuss priorities for 2023 including the one thing that the committee would like to focus on.

HS/SN unanimous approval