Meeting Minutes 10-03-2022

October 3, 2022
7:30 PM Council Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell, Marlaina Kloepfer, Heidi Sentivan (excused), Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Sue Hunt, Mayor Gamal Sherif, Solicitor Carl Ewald, Administrator Jen Mickle.

Guest: David Rameriz 16 President Ave

Approval of Agenda Add vote to approve payment to General Recreation, Inc in the amount of $5258 for ADA picnic table and 6’ foot bench under disbursements
SN/KTZ unanimous approval

Public Comment:
David Rameriz: Received a note from Catania regarding tall grass and weeds along curbline; working on communications more characteristic of Rutledge

Tax Collector: attached

Mayor’s Report:
The Mayor provided a summary of approaches to streets development noting the differences in the design of “complete streets” vs. “green streets” and reviews materials from the Rutledge Planning Commission previously compiled and available on the Borough website

Questions: from KTZ: stormwater management for targets; integrating with requirements [MS4]
CG: education credits

Approval of Minutes from 9.19.22 SN/KTZ unanimous approval except JAR: abstain

Trash & Recycling:
Next Yard Waste is 10/7/22
No single use plastic bags in recycling
No plastic bags with yard waste
Sue: Act 101 presentation/summary from PRC and PennEnvironment on current trends in recycling
E waste recycling event on 10/4: Upland County Park
Yard waste through end of year

Communications: none

Parks & Property: none

Oktoberfest recap
About 90 people
Block captains are still needed

Public Safety: MRFC Monthly Report- attached
Question from Mayor: discussion getting youth involved; getting traction with the school district

Vote to approve payment to General Recreation, Inc in the amount of $5258 for ADA compliant picnic table and 6’ foot bench SN/CG unanimous approval

Bills Lists-Postpone to work session

Monitoring speed through the Borough; working with the SPD to get some data
Linden Ave first; moving through the Borough

Stormwater Ordinance 2022-02- Motion to Approve/Enact
Mayor: Page 13, definitions
Response from Solicitor: consistency of legal terms; time constraints
Samantha: material change to ordinance
Chris: legal language
SN/CG: unanimous approval
Sewer Lateral Ordinance 2022-03 – Motion to Approve/Enact
KTZ/SH: unanimous approval

Approval of final payment to Moxie mechanical for $12,931.60 as advised by Catania Engineering MK/SN: unanimous approval
New toilet in men’s room downstairs- old one cracked in 2 places- $515
Using outside of the building and office for filming?
Will work with solicitor on waiver
Accessible parking spots next to Borough Hall

Planning: none

Personnel: none

Borough Commissions:
Shade Tree: Tree donation to Oktoberfest
Planning Commission

Public Comment: none

Old Business/New Business:
Voting is now open through vote by mail

8:46pm SN/KTZ unanimous approval