Meeting Minutes 10-17-2022

October 17, 2022
7:30 PM Work Session

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell, Marlaina Kloepfer, Heidi Sentivan, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Sue Hunt (excused), Mayor Gamal Sherif, Administrator Jen Mickle.
Guest: Chief Stufflet

Approval of Agenda HS/ CG unanimous approval

Public Comment: none

Tax Collector:

Mayor’s Report:
Police report attached
Chief explained that an unwanted subject is someone who has been asked to leave and does not. Sometimes a domestic issue, solicitor etc
Traffic study currently being conducted on Morton Ave
School District hiring security personnel
This opens up “safe to say”
SPD does walk thru of SRS- good because of difficult floor plan
Work on response plans

Approval of Minutes 10.3.2022 KTZ/MK unanimous approval

Trash & Recycling:
Yard Waste collection 10/7: 60 residents participated
Yard waste collection will continue until end of year
two more collections on 11/4 & 12/2

Communications: none

Parks & Property:
Delco Greenways and DCNR Grant Updates
Delco Greenways Grants have been submitted:
Triangle Park Gather Space including shade pavilion, concrete play elements, additional site lighting ($250K – no match required)
Traffic Study around Triangle Park to address pedestrian safety, slowing traffic, Waverly Terrace narrowing ($35K – no match)
DCNR Grant: due on Oct 27 ($250 – 20% grant)
If the Borough is awarded these grants the Gather Space would be completed

Halloween Great Pumpkin Grow and Glow scheduled for Sunday 10/30
Luminary prep; hoping to have some kits with bags and candles available at tree lighting
Still looking for block captains for all of Rutledge; 100 & 200 blocks of Sylvan; and unit
Block of Linden

Public Safety: none

Disbursements (9/20-10/17) HS/SN unanimous approval
Bills Lists
Resolution 2022-09 Appointment of Borough Bookkeeper for adding Rachel Hezlep as signer to all accounts that Lisa Seal is authorized to sign for. HS/CG unanimous approval
Budget discussions will begin in November

Streets: none

Updated flow data from CDCA. Largely even from last year.
CDCA voted to approve the draft budget. Final budget will be voted on in November
Overall CDCA is anticipating 5-5.5% increase – but closer to 1% for Rutledge
CDCA taking out loans for some work to be done to address ongoing improvements
Made aware of a PENNVEST Low-interest residential loans for lateral repairs – part of Borough strategy for addressing continued stormwater infiltration and sewer repairs. 1.75% interest and up to 20 year payback.
Link: On-Lot Sewage Disposal (
KTZ: asked about results from the smoke test. HS said that the preliminary results have been completed. They are currently being reviewed for recommendations for improvements.

Sept 2022 Catania Engineering Report
Meeting with Catania in the coming week
CG: concerns about the delivery and tone of the notes from Catania directly. Building Committee to review the language of the warnings and citations with Catania. It was noted that it is important that these notifications are coming from Catania, as they are the company contracted to perform this service and have the certifications and background to process the citations.

Planning: none

Personnel: none

Borough Commissions:
Shade Tree: meeting scheduled for October – 10/20
Planning Commission
Updates on LCAP- they are trying to wrap up the LCAP draft by the end of 2022. Then they will present their findings to the Council.
Developing a process to review and set goals and priorities for Building improvements so that the Borough is in a better situation for grant opportunities, similar to the Steering Committee for Triangle Park

Public Comment: none

Old Business/New Business: none

8:13 pm – HS/ CG unanimous approval