Meeting Minutes 11-21-2022

November 21, 2022
7:30 PM Work Session Minutes

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell, Marlaina Kloepfer, Heidi Sentivan, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Sue Hunt, Mayor Gamal Sherif, Administrator Jen Mickle.
Guests: Chelsea Eiel-President Ave- Rutledge Under 40 and Friends Group and Chief Stufflet

Approval of Agenda
Addition: Reading of the Draft Budget & Vote to Advertise- SN/KTZ unanimous approval
Approval agenda as amended SN/HS unanimous approval

Public Comment: none

Tax Collector: none

Mayor’s Report:
Police Report was presented:
HS noted that our police record is incomplete month to month because of the report date; Chief Stufflet indicated that he would adjust the report dates moving forward to include a complete record.
Chief S discussed SWPD engagement activities during the Halloween holiday
Morton Avenue Traffic Study and Upcoming Repaving:
GS noted that the Traffic Study found that there is little speeding on Morton Ave. The study included 2 areas: one closer to Swarthmore Ave and one closer to Linden Ave.
HS discussed road markings for the crosswalk near the Rutledge Ave intersection. JM reached out the PennDOT and they confirmed that they do not paint crosswalks after a repaving and that falls to the municipality.
Chief Stufflet noted use of new vinyl materials that last longer than painting.
JM noted that paving will now take place in 2023++++
CG asked about shared municipal roads and responsibility. Chief Stufflet clarified that almost all the roads in Delaware County belong to a single municipality.
SH asked about other possible areas for improvement
Several members, including Chief Stufflet noted there are limits on what can be done on a state road (Morton Ave), e.g., the use of stop signs for traffic calming. PennDOT requires approval of any changes or signage on state roads.
Public Engagement: the potential to get more people involved
GS presented a fundraising model to support the Mayor’s engagement activities.
Council members raised several concerns including duplicity in funding for activities, auditing needs, and the need for greater clarity in planning
HS requested a simple proposal be sent for consideration and inclusion in the FY2023 budget

Approval of Minutes from 11.7.22 with changes to reflect the creation of a fund for professional development and workshop opportunities for residents of Rutledge
JR/SN unanimous approval for amending minutes
SN/KTZ unanimous approval for minutes as amended except MK abstained

Trash & Recycling:
Yard Waste
Christmas tree pickup is planned for Jan 6th
SH: yard waste was not picked up with trash; we have worked that out with the hauler

Schedule change for Christmas week Trash and Recycling:
Trash will be on December 26th and January 2nd
Recycling pickup on Dec 28th but not Jan 4th
SH: Political signs can be collected and delivered until the end of November to William Turpin for recycling
2023 Planning is ongoing.

Working on the 2023 calendar

Parks & Property: none

Tree lighting- Dec 5th at 7p
Luminaries- can pick up at tree lighting
Block captains for luminaries

Public Safety:
Breakfast with Santa -Dec 4th, 8-11 at the MRFC firehouse

Disbursements 11.8.22 to 11.21.22 SN/HS unanimous approval
Bills Lists
Reading of the Draft Budget & Vote to Advertise SN/CG unanimous approval
Audit Report (2021) findings

Streets: Morton Ave paving update-
JM: update on timing of paving
Notice from Aqua on street openings for repairs

Sewers: CDCA Budget Numbers

Building: none

Planning: none

Personnel: none

Borough Commissions:

Shade Tree: RSTC meeting of 11/17/22; September minutes attached
Tree planting of 11/19/22;
Requested access to the Borough truck for tree plantings for 2023
The Borough is open to this but it will have be a borough employee due to insurance.
Requested access to storage in activities closet verses the garage. JM suggested using the storage closets below the front stairwell (jail cells).

Planning Commission: none

Public Comment: none

Old Business/New Business:
Election Review

Adjournment 9:05 pm SN/HS unanimous approval