Meeting Minutes 12-06-2022

December 6, 2021
7:30 PM Council Meeting

Meeting commenced with the Pledge Of Allegiance at 7:32pm

Roll Call Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell- on phone, Marlaina Kloepfer, Heidi Sentivan- excused, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler, Sue Hunt, Mayor Gamal Sherif, Solicitor Carl Ewald , Administrator Jen Mickle.

Approval of Agenda
MK/SH unanimous approval

Public Comment: none

Tax Collector: attached

Mayor’s Report:
The Mayor shared a report on Public Engagement that included
Attending a meeting in Swarthmore Borough focused on housing affordability that included presentations by the county planning office; the Mayor emphasized the need to think about the connection between housing affordability and aging in place
Conversations with the League of Women Voters of Central Delco and the possibility of partnering with their organization on borough initiatives

The Mayor thanked the Activities Committee for their efforts at the tree lighting ceremony
The Mayor expressed appreciation for the borough’s membership in the PSAB and the resources it makes available and suggested exploring similar resources through the PA Municipal League

Approval of Minutes 11.21.2022-SN/KTZ unanimous approval

Trash & Recycling: Yard Waste of 12/1
SH expressed her thanks for ongoing success in the roll out of the borough’s yard waste pick up
SH reminded neighbors that plastic bags cannot be placed into recycling – separately or with other recyclables – and that doing so will lead to a contamination fee
SH provided a schedule update: there will be recycling after Christmas and New Year; all pickup dates for 2023 will be included in the community calendar

KTZ noted that the newsletter will be ready for distribution by the end of the week and that it will included the final 2023 calendar and this year’s budget letter

Parks & Property:
Vote to approve Small Waters Grant Resolution for stormwater infiltration at the park for a $500,000 Grant with a 15% match requirement-Resolution 2022-11
CG/MK: unanimous approval

Benches and Closing out of Phase 1 DCNR Grant
CG/MK: unanimous approval

SH shared her thanks to Carrie Kozub for her efforts to organize the tree lighting
SH provided an update on the plan for borough luminaries
Bags to be disbursed 12/17; pick up 12/18
Bag Folders needed
SH noted that due to the holidays there is no activities committee meeting this month

Public Safety: November MRFC report
Reading of the MRFC report attached
320 calls already this year

Disbursements 11.22.22-12.6.22 KTZ/SH unanimous approval
Bills Lists (including $100 application fee for Small Waters Grant)
Budget Update: Vote at Work Session, Budget available for review and has been advertised

MK updated on the work with SPD to evaluate President Ave beginning in January
MK shared a report on Linden: 200 block with heaviest traffic; only 5% had enforceable violations

Vote to approve use of the hall for a Christmas Cabaret Show on weeknights (Wednesday and Thursday) Show will be Wed to Friday. 12/28-30 KTZ/CG:unanimous approval

Planning: none

Personnel: none

Borough Commissions:
Shade Tree: tree lighting craft
Planning Commission- meeting this coming monday-
Still one opening on the commission. Contact Jen Mickle if you are interested

Public Comment: none

Old Business/New Business:
SH: working on new events
Souper Bowl of Caring
Looking for cool prizes for Feb 3 bingo night
Santa on New Years

SH/SN unanimous approval