Minutes-December 12, 2016

Roll Call –

Present:  Marie Giovannicci, John Shingle, Eric Leggett, Brianne Thomas, Jim Jones, Marlaina Kloepfer, Council President Dave Waltz, Mayor Kevin Cunningham, Michael Culp, Esq. and Acting Borough Manager DawnMarie Bascelli.

Absent: None

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tax Collector Thomas Heron provided an overview of the Borough’s financial tax standing. His final numbers indicate an estimated collection of $427,718.86. There are currently 7 outstanding tax bills of $12,581 and 9 outstanding sewer bills of $5,015.88.

Resident Dennis Myers of 210 President Street was present on behalf of his cub scout troop.  He reported that he deeply resented calling to use borough space as a temporary meeting space for his troop and being told that he would need to pay.  Although Ms. Kloepher tried repreatedly to explain that the borough incurs cleaning costs for the rooms, and must recover those costs, she stated that Mr. Myers hung up on her before she had the opportunity to explain that she would need to bring any other arrangement to council.  Other council members thanked Mr. Myers for his service to the youth but did try to express that he should have given Ms. Kleopher the courtesy of hearing her out and letting the matter come to council.  His response was that even though council indicated that a reduction in fees could have been worked out, any charge for the scouts would have been unacceptable – even $10.

Mayor Cunningham read the police report. (Can I get a copy of that?) He also commented on the Christmas Tree lighting and what a success it was. There were over 100 people.  He also went to the DARE culmination celebration. He noted how important the program was. The Mayor also indicated he lowered the flag to half-mast for astronaut and public servant, John Glenn. It stays lowered until Dec. 15.

Ms. Kloepfer noted the office renovation was looking great and several council people agreed. Work continues but the space is painted and more usable now.

The Fire Department report was read.  They responded to 29 incidents. (Can I get a copy of the report?) The fire department’s participation in the tree lighting ceremony and transporting Santa was greatly appreciated.

Ms. Giovannicci noted that the Shade Tree Commission planted 10 trees and made themselves visible at the Tree Lighting Ceremony. They also picked up and bagged leaves and brought them to Delaware County Disposal.

The Green Grant application was also briefly discussed.  It will focus on the backstop at Triangle Park.  It has a maximum award of $10,000 and the deadline is December 31, 2016.

Everyone who can come out and assist with filling the luminary bags with sand this weekend would be appreciated.  There are 3000 bags to fill and 500 more to fold.

Council President Waltz discussed the street lighting project which will replace 61 street lights and 6 lights on the building.  It will take less than 2 weeks and will begin in January.

He also mentioned that Ridley Township will allow us to fill our truck with road salt from their storage area.  Public Works will put the salt spreader on the truck.

Ms. Kloepfer indicated the parking permit information was distributed and she would be working on a new calendar for rentals. Parking permits can be obtained Monday and Tuesday nights from 6 – 8.

There is a new 24 hour light in the borough office for security.  It is to stay on.

OLD BUSINESS – Fire pit ordinance.  The final wording will indicate that any fire cannot exceed 3 ft. in any direction or 7 sq. ft. No gas or other flammable fluids shall be used to start the fire.

Motion to Advertise the fire pit ordinance:  J. Shingle/J. Jones All in favor

Parking Ticket Discussion – Rates were reviewed from Swarthmore tickets.  This was to make it easier on the officers.  Consistent tickets with the town serving us makes more sense. Some differences may still exist.  Proposed changes include overnight parking to $25, handicapped violations at $100, parking 1am to 6 am $25, no permit $25 and snow emergency route parking $25.

Motion to Advertise revised parking fines: M. Giovannicci/J. Jones All in Favor

NEW BUSINESS – Discussion of the budget.  The local tax will remain flat.  Trash fees are going up to account for increases in the collection fees and county disposal fees. The vote on the budget will be as advertised this Wednesday December 14, 2016.

A reminder that the dance will be this Saturday.

Motion to pay the bills in the amount of $47,448.98 for the General Fund, $2,031.33 for the Gas Fund. Total – $49,480.31.  M. Giovannicci/J. Jones Roll Call – All in Favor

Motion to Recess the Meeting Until December 14th at 7:30pm M. Giovannicci/J. Jones All in favor.

Respectfully Submitted:


DawnMarie Bascelli