5.1.23 Council Meeting Agenda

May 1, 2023

7:30 PM Council Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call   Jody Roberts, Samantha Newell, Heidi Sentivan, Christine Gradel, Ken Torres-Zickler,  Sue Hunt, Andrea Juarez, Mayor Gamal Sherif, Solicitor Carl Ewald , Administrator Jen Mickle.  

Approval of Agenda

Public Comment

Tax Collector: 

Mayor’s Report:


  • Approval of Minutes from 3.17.2023

Trash & Recycling: Value Thrift Store, Primos, accepts furniture/bric brac donations.

                                   Ridley Park Library is accepting donations of book

                                   Ridley Library is accepting books, games, CDs and DVDs.

                                   Media Borough Green and Fair Procurement Policy 13 page doc

                                   Recycling updated FAQs from OMNI, Pittman, NJ.

                                   Next Yard Waste is 5/5.  No plastic bags or grass clippings, please.

                                   Yard Waste Survey on bulletin board 

                                   EWaste Save the Date 6/17/23 at Chambers.  Details to follow.


Parks & Property: 

Activities:  Earth Day recap

                   Tree Raffle

                   Resources in office

                   Coloring sheets for kids and teens 

Public Safety:  

Finance:  Bills and Distributions- 4.18.23 to 5.1.23  





Borough Commissions:

  • Shade Tree: March meetings; Tree Survey; Spring plantings
  • Planning Commission
    • Vote to adopt LCAP

Public Comment:

Old Business/New Business: