Agenda for Dec. 5 Borough Council Meeting

The next Rutledge Borough Council Meeting will be held Monday, December 5th at 7:30 PM at the Borough Hall
1. Call to Order

2. Salute to the Flag

3. Roll Call of Council Members and Mayor

4. Reports from the Standing Committees of Council

a. Building Committee

i. Applications for permits

b. Communication Committee

i. Update on Borough Facebook Page

c. Finance Committee

i. Review of the proposed 2012 Budget

d. Ordinance Committee

i. Report and discussion of Bamboo Ordinance

e. Public Safety Committee-No Report

f. Recreation Committee

i. Update on issues surrounding Triangle Park

g. Sanitation Committee

i. Trash Contract update

h. Sewer Committee

i. Report on the status of the sewers

i. Street Committee

i. Discussion and update regarding the replacement and addition of crosswalk signs in the borough

j. Fourth of July Committee-No Report

k. Property- No Report

l. Rutledge Girls’ Club- TBD

m. Tree Committee

i. Update on tree planting in the borough this month

5. Report from Solicitor

a. Update and discussion of various meetings attended by the Solicitor

6. Old Business

a. Update on Energy Grant

b. Discussion of any other old or unresolved business

7. New Business-TBD

8. Adjournment