Meeting Minutes May 22,2017


May 22, 2017 Meeting

212 Unity Terrace

Rutledge, PA 19070


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm



Present: Eric Leggit, Dr. Marlaina Kloepfer, Jack Shingle, Marie Govannicci, Jim Jones, Council President Dave Waltz, Mayor Cunningham.

Also in attendance was William Neill, Esq.

Absent: Brianne Thomas

No public comment was made.

Mr. Jones discussed preparation necessary before the trash hauler will dispose of mattresses. This includes the need to cover the mattress with a mattress bag which can be found at Home Depot, etc.  The protects their employees and trucks from bed bugs, etc.

Mr. Jones also discussed the grant submission for the sewer work in town.  This work has been needed for a long time and the necessary documents have been submitted in order for us to secure our payment.

Dr. Kloepfer discussed that the communications committee is making a page to post the newly passed ordinances as discussed. There will also be a link on the Facebook page. The committee is also researching online payment options.  COG members are being consulted to see how they handle payments. The google calendar for rentals is also in progress.  A discussion ensued about associated charges for using credit cards and how those expenses to Rutledge Borough will be absorbed.  Will there be a higher charge to those using the service? Dr. Kloepfer discussed the options, including having the borough absorb that credit card service payment in return for the convenience.  The point was debated and no decision was reached, but Council President Waltz voiced his opposition to having the borough’s already stretch budget accommodate charges funded by taxpayers. More discussion was deemed necessary.  

Mr. Shingle reported for Public Safety on several matters including the painting of the backstop at Triangle Park. The project was not completed and they are discussing with the department about when they can come back to finish.  Mayor Cunningham discussed trying to get together some additional community volunteers to complete the fence.

Ms. Giovannicci thanked the fire department for their efforts.  She stated that the borough is getting ready for the 4th of July and the parade.  Clean up work is underway all over by the borough’s highway employee Mark Bascelli. Volunteers from the community are also meeting and doing their part.  The Shade Tree Plant Swap was discussed. The next meeting for her group will be June 15.

The Girl’s Club had more dirt delivered for the infield.  They are going to see if that is enough.  Council President Waltz arranged for free delivery of the mix but additional mix and delivery may be unavailable due to how far into the season it is.  This load came all the way from Lancaster.

Mayor Cunningham asked for a sign that says “No dog waste in trash cans”.  Ms. Bascelli suggested a pet waste unit that has its own can and bag dispenser. We will get a price.

Ms. Govannicci discussed her desire to get a musical addition to the playground equipment.  Specifically she is hoping to get approval for a xylophone. She discussed how important it is to her to make equipment upgrades at the playground and showed everyone pictures of what she was proposing. She needs approximately $500 for this piece.  Playground additions are very costly because they need to be compliant with safety requirements.

Flowers for the McGaughey sign were discussed.  Suggestions will be accepted for something that will be in place all year round.

Council President Waltz indicated that the borough’s finances were doing ok.  Tax moneys are mostly in.  He also stated that some potholes were filled in this week.

Mayor Cunningham indicated that a flower wreath would be charged to the borough for the Memorial Day services to be held this week.  The Fire Department and Police Department are invited.  The Mayor also indicated that he received a complaint about parking when there are double rentals in the hall.  When asked who complained Council President Waltz suggested that he talk to them because the Borough has been renting the hall for years and the rentals offset taxes as the town has no other source of revenue. There have been no complaints at the office and any parking difficulties this month would have been greatly affected by the number of private residents who were also having graduation parties at their homes on the weekends. Council President Waltz will talk to the Mayor after the meeting.

William Neill, Esq. discussed the review of ordinances.  He thanked Ms. Bascelli for her help and noted that items having to do with the Accessory Buildings (garages) will be tabled due to changes.

Council president Waltz mentioned that the Spirit news box is now outside of the door to borough hall and residents can get their copies of public notices there as well as on the website, etc.

William Neill distributed the Accessory Use Ordinance.  A discussion ensued on various matters including livable space, overnight habitation, marketing the home as having extra rooms, etc.  Ms. Bascelli indicated that you can’t market the discussed space as extra bedrooms because they are not legally and are not taxed as such.

Dr. Kloepfer discussed the Shade Tree ordinance.  She requested comments on what was distributed.  There was a brief discussion about funding wording, how their established and procedures involving trees and plantings.  Committee versus Commission language was discussed as well as risks of being sued and how advisory status would affect their function, if at all.

A brief conversation about sewer maintenance took place.

It was noted that the craft fair raised $500, $250 for each group. Heidi Sentivan’s son played guitar and raised money as well.  Thanks were offered.

The Plant Swap was rained out and will be rescheduled.

A fee schedule for permits was discussed.  The goal is to put the fee schedule online so it is easily available to residents.  Mr. Leggitt asked about the easiest manner to develop this information.  It will be discussed at an upcoming work session. Some information is being collected from the Borough’s engineer which processes those permit fees on our behalf.

Motion to adjourn: J. Shingle/M. Govanicci  All in Favor

8:10 pm


Respectfully Submitted,


DawnMarie Bascelli

Borough Secretary