Newsletter – December 14 2018

Rutledge Borough email newsletter 12-14-2018




2019 Budget

The 2019 Draft budget is posted on the website here. Please take a look and be sure to attend the council work session on December 17th when the budget vote is expected.

New office hours

The Borough office hours have changed. on tuesdays the office will now be open from 9am-1pm

The Multimunicipal Environmental Advisory Council

The Multimunicipal Environmental Advisory Council (known as the MMEAC or 4EAC) includes residents from Rutledge, Nether Providence, Rose Valley, and Swarthmore. The next meeting is January 15th at Swarthmore Borough Hall at 7:00 pm. All interested residents are welcome.

This community group is working together on sustainable environmental issues, including herbicides and pesticides, and sharing information to encourage healthy and safe practices in our four communities.

The group prepared and is sharing the document Choosing the Right Deicer This Winter which provides information and suggestions on purchasing safe ice melts for your family, pets , sidewalks and driveways.


Anyone interested in helping with this years luminaries please come and help with bag filling on Sunday December 16th at 12 PM in the borough garage behind borough hall. Luminaries will be distributed on Christmas eve, at 10am. Any assistance is always appreciated.